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Why we offer free design, and what it means to your business.

Space planning and design is an essential part of your office cubicle and furniture purchase.  A functional office design can make a big difference in the long term satisfaction of your office environment.  At the very least, a space plan will make sure that your cubicles and other furniture will fit in your office.  Even if you are just getting one cubicle, it makes sense to have it drawn into the existing space.  That way, there is no confusion on installation.  As an added benefit, you will be able to see where new cubes and furniture might fit as you grow.

A good office design is more than just placing cubicles or office furniture efficiently into a space.  It will also incorporate the company culture, workflow and future growth.  Your office environment should support your business, and every business has different needs.  Here are some things you will need to consider when working with our design team on your free space plan.

How does your company work?  Do your employees work independently or do they collaborate frequently during the day?  Office cubicles can offer privacy to team members that need quiet spaces, work with confidential information, or make frequent phone calls.    If your team members work together on a variety of projects, a benching solution might be a better fit.  These open office tables work great in companies that have a more flexible work environment, high interaction and a fast pace.

Many companies are incorporating “huddle” areas for their employees.  These huddle areas usually feature soft comfortable lounge areas, mobile glass boards for brainstorming, and maybe a ping pong table.  Even high density call centers are finding that their employees are more productive if they have a comfortable place to unwind during their breaks.  Soft seating areas are a great way to provide this benefit.

Think about lunch rooms, server rooms, mail rooms and conferencing.  Where should they go?  Do employees need a big lunch area, or do they eat out or at their desk?  Do you have a large copier or fax machine?  A well designed space plan will take all these areas into consideration as well. The designers at Cube Solutions will place all your furniture within the free design, not just the cubes.

The open, flexible office is a great design trend, but companies are also finding that employees need private spaces.  While the open concept is great for collaboration and transparency, it can also be loud and distracting.  Most employees appreciate an area where they can work undisturbed and in private.  A well thought out space plan incorporates both types of areas; keeping in mind the culture of your company.

The best office designs take your company’s growth needs into consideration.  Most companies plan to expand their business.   When shopping for a new lease, be sure to think about the future.  Your new space should be big enough (or offer expansion possibilities) for your headcount over the life of the lease.  When designing your space plan, it’s important that the furniture you select will also accommodate that growth.  While you might have the space for large cubicles now, it might make sense to scale the size back.  This way, new cubicles can be added without having to shrink existing workspace.  Be sure that the furniture you choose, particularly office cubicles, can be reconfigured and expanded as necessary.  Pick finishes that will outlast current fads, and be available in the future.  Our designers will be happy to design a free future growth layout in addition to a space plan for existing needs.  This way, you have a good picture of how your cubes, lounge areas and conference rooms can grow with your business.

A free space plan is a valuable resource.  At Cube Solutions, we want to help you design a work space that will work for your business, look amazing, and take you into the future.

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