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Call Center Cubicles

The Right Call Center Cubicles

Make your Vision happen

47" tall 3' x 2' office cubicle


47″ Tall 3’x2′ office cubicles provideĀ a seated semi-privateĀ space with the smallest possible footprint. Perfect for when floor space is at a ... more

47" tall 5' x 3' office cubicles


47″ Tall 5’x3′ open plan systems offer a small footprint and good workspace, with a 5ft wide back panel and 3ft side panels.

47" Tall 4' x 2' office cubicles


47″ Tall 4’x2′ Telemarketing cubicles are the most common office cubicles found in call center environments. They include one 4’x2′ ... more

47" tall 4' x 4' office cubicles


  47″ Tall 4’x4′ office cubicles include 48″ wide side panels, which offers more personal space. Roomy enough for an optional filing ... more

47" tall 6' x 4' office cubicles


47″ Tall 6’x4′ office cubicles are a great compromise between the spaciousness of the 6’x6′, and the small footprint of a telemarketing ... more

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